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Find an Injury Attorney: Personal Injury Cases & Settlement News
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Lawyer Vs. Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident that was the fault of another person, business, or government entity, you may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit to pay your medical bills and collect damages.  You should hire a lawyer.  But how do you pick the right attorney for the job?

People tend to feel more comfortable with people they already know.  You may be tempted to use the lawyer that handled your home purchase.  You might consider the attorney who represented your co-worker in her divorce, or the counselor who handled your Uncle Louie’s bankruptcy.  But does this really make sense?

Most lawyers have concentrated areas of practice.  You wouldn’t want your complex car accident lawsuit in the hands of a real estate, family law, or bankruptcy lawyer, just as you wouldn’t want your cardiac bypass surgery performed by your beloved podiatrist.  You need an attorney who dedicates most or all of his practice to personal injury law.

This area of law is one of the most complex fields of practice.  Personal injury attorneys must have the medical knowledge to understand a myriad of injuries.  They must understand how hospitals and insurance companies work.  And, of course, they must have a keen grasp on the laws that govern these entities. 

Luckily, most people haven’t had the need to file a personal injury lawsuit.  Therefore, when you need a personal injury attorney, it’s more difficult to find someone you know to represent you.  So with personal recommendations harder to come by, how do you go about finding an expert in the field?

Using a free service like Lawyers Group makes sense.  The company, based in Darien, CT, connects lawyers with accident victims across the United States who specialize in personal injury cases.  Since the attorneys in the Lawyers Group focus most or all of their practices on injury victims, you can speak to expert personal injury attorney in your area quickly and easily by making a single phone call to 1-800-948-1080.

None of us want to be in the situation where we need a lawyer.  But when we do, it is important to pick the right attorney for the job.  If you have been hurt, don’t delay.  Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible for free advice about your potential case.

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Injured In An Accident?

If you have been hurt in an accident, the effects can be disastrous, physically, emotionally, and financially. You can lose time and wages at work. You may have to spend time in the hospital and in rehabilitation. Medical bills can pile up. You may suffer emotional scars in addition to your physical wounds. You might have to neglect other responsibilities while you focus on healing. There will be stacks of confusing paperwork to complete. And all this is before you factor in the pain and suffering you will have to endure from your injury.

No doubt your friends, co-workers and loved ones will try to help you in your time of need. But with their busy lives and the added duties they must take on to assist you, their generous contributions are often not enough. They usually do not have the time, knowledge or expertise to assist you with the myriad of complications your injury causes. So where do you turn for the help you so desperately need?

Contact a personal injury attorney. An injury lawyer is an expert in personal injury law and has the experience to help you in all aspects of your recovery. If your injury was caused by the negligence or misconduct of someone else, your lawyer can get you money for:

Past, current and future medical bills

Lost wages

Property damages

Pain and suffering

Punitive damages

An attorney can coordinate with insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and everyone else involved in your case to take the burden of you so you can focus on the most important thing: your recovery.

Simply call 1-800-948-1080 and Lawyers Group will directly connect you with an experienced personal injury attorney. The call is free. The initial consultation is free. It could be the most important call you ever make.

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When an "Accident" Isn't Really an Accident

Someone crashes his car or truck into yours.  You slip and fall.  An angry dog bites your leg.  You were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and just like that...you are the victim of an accident.

Accidents happen.  We consider this a fact of life.  Sometimes luck is just not on our side, and fate takes over.  It's nobody's fault, really.  Or is it?

We have come to think of an accident as something beyond anyone's control.  But a deeper analysis of virtually every “accident” reveals that some person or entity, rather than fate, is to blame.

Take our first scenario:  someone crashes his car or truck into yours.  Was this just bad luck?   Or is it much more likely that the “accident” was completely avoidable, but that the other driver was distracted by a cell phone, disobeying traffic laws, impaired by drugs or alcohol, or simply not paying attention? 

You slip and fall.  Destiny?  Or could it be that a business neglected to clean up a slippery spill, a homeowner failed to clear the ice from his steps, or a construction worker left a trip hazard right where you were most likely to encounter it?

An angry dog bites you.  Bad karma?  Or is it more probable that the dog's owner didn't obey leash laws, failed to confine his animal, or trained the dog to be aggressive?

Most accidents, while not intended to hurt people, are not accidents at all.  They are completely avoidable occurrences caused by the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of people, businesses or government agencies.

These accidents can profoundly affect the lives of the victims.  You can suffer permanent disabilities, physical and emotional scars, and financial losses.  The ones who caused the accident should be held responsible for their actions or inactions.  The accident victim deserves to be cared for and compensated.

Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, so the insurance adjuster's job is to settle for the smallest amount possible.  That is why you should have a personal injury attorney working for you who will expertly analyze your accident and help you get the maximum amount of money you deserve.

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Dog Bite Injury?

If you have been injured by a dog bite, you should contact an attorney right away who has experience in dog bite cases. While some people believe they have no recourse when they are bitten by a dog, this is usually not the case. Irresponsible pet owners are often to blame for the actions of their dogs and can be held responsible for the behavior of their animals.

But don't delay! A dog bite lawyer will work to make sure you get all the money you deserve for your dog bite injury.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than automobiles. While modern cars are equipped with steel frames, crumple zones, seat belts and air bags, motorcycles offer almost no protection for the rider during an accident. The nature of a two-wheeled vehicle makes it less stable and thus more vulnerable to dangerous conditions. Also, motorcycles are smaller than automobiles, decreasing their visibility to other drivers.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association, motorcycle riders are 9 times more likely to be hurt in a traffic accident and 37 times more likely to die than a passenger in a car wreck. The NHTSA reports 96,000 motorcycle riding injuries in 2008, with 5,290 fatalities.

Injured In a Motorcycle Accident?

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, the physical, emotional and financial effects can be devastating. Serious injuries, lost wages, vehicle damage, medical bills and the pain and suffering brought about by a motorcycle accident are often overwhelming for accident victims.

Get The Money You Deserve

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to collect for:

  • damage to your motorcycle

  • current and future medical bills

  • loss of earnings

  • pain and suffering

  • other damages

But each motorcycle accident is unique, as are the laws of each state. So how do you make sure that your rights are protected and that you are compensated fully and fairly?

Speak With a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Now

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney knows how to pursue your motorcycle accident claim. A motorcycle accident lawyer will analyze the details of your accident and your recovery. Your lawyer will help you deal and negotiate with insurance companies, physicians, police, and all other aspects of your motorcycle accident claim. Learn your legal rights by contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer today.  Call 1-800-948-1080.

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Slip And Fall Accidents

While many slip and fall accidents are minor, others range from serious to catastrophic. This fact is especially true for the elderly and for those with existing health problems. Slip and fall accidents can result in painful, and sometimes, lifelong injuries. Commonly reported slip and fall injuries include:

  • broken bones

  • hip fractures

  • wrist injuries

  • brain trauma

  • back, disc, and spinal cord injuries

  • concussions

  • tendon and ligament damage

  • permanent scarring

If you or a loved one has suffered one of these injuries, find out your legal rights by calling an experienced slip and fall attorney.

What If I Am Partly At Fault?

You may still have a very strong case. Courts assume that the victim is at least partially responsible in every slip and fall accident.   The extent to which you are to blame will be determined by the legal system, and your award may be adjusted accordingly. Only an expert slip and fall attorney is qualified to investigate and determine how much your case is worth.

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Auto Accidents And Their Causes

There are approximately 6.5 million auto accidents each year in the U.S, averaging one per minute. Almost 3 million people are injured and over 40,000 killed annually. There are 115 auto related deaths every day; a person dies in an auto accident in this country every 13 minutes. The yearly cost related to these wrecks is a staggering $164 billion.

Though there are millions of car accidents every year, each one has its unique set of circumstances and complications. From the “fender-bender” to the common rear-end collision, from the treacherous side-impact collision or “T-bone” to the catastrophic head-on collision and rollover, each auto accident poses its own challenges that an experienced auto accident attorney is trained to understand.

Driver error is one of the most common causes of auto accidents. Fatigue, inattention, and distractions often make wrecks more likely. In some instances, the errors are compounded by traffic violations, including:

  • speeding

  • tailgating

  • aggressive driving

  • improper lane changes

  • failure to yield

  • other errors

If another driver caused your accident through negligence or a mistake, you should call a car accident attorney as soon as possible to find out your legal rights.

Sometimes a business or government is to blame for an auto accident. Factors including:

  • vehicle defects

  • improper signs

  • faulty road or highway designs

  • highway construction projects

  • inadequate lighting

are sometimes found to be at fault. In these complex cases, it is especially important for you to have an expert lawyer on your side.

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